Venus in Aries, Mars in Aquarius

Venus and Mars Combinations


Heartfelt and Sexual Styles

What are the signs of Venus and Mars in your natal chart?


Venus-Mars mixes uncover much about an individual’s heartfelt and sexual styles. Every Venus-Mars mix is deciphered as far as components (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) and is refined as far assigned. Hence Venus in Aries (a Fire sign) and Mars in Taurus (an Earth sign), for instance, will have a similar basic understanding as Venus in Leo (a Fire sign) and Mars in Capricorn (an Earth sign), however a different specific translation. Note that a few understandings are approaching. aquarius sign


Venus in Aries, Mars in Aquarius


Your Venus is in a Fire sign, and your Mars is in an Air sign.


Venus in Fire, Mars in Air (Romantic Fire, Airy Desires): Spontaneous, open to new encounters and experimentation, and friendly, you are an autonomous and intriguing lover. Even though you will generally come to the heart of the matter on a heartfelt level, you additionally esteem a lover with who you can converse about basically anything and everything. In love, you are warm yet evenhanded. You are fun, refreshing, and enlivened. You want to look for anxiety and the propensity to bounce into unreasonable situations excessively fast. Now and again, you intellectualize sex, kind of holding love under control. On different occasions, you have eruptions of trying and suddenness around here. Your excitement for sentiment is obvious and positively exceptionally beguiling. Be that as it may, it can likewise ruin your love life, particularly in your previous years! You are particularly equipped for rethinking yourself and your longings, so you recuperate rather rapidly from relationships that end thus that you can empty yourself into another one. You can be very timid and alluring. There is something about you that guarantees fun.


Venus and Mars in viable signs: Your heartfelt and sexual qualities are comparable but differ to make your love life very energizing. While you don’t commonly come on strong, you don’t have to. Generally, you know what you need in love relationships. Your appeal is unobtrusive and natural. A buzz of downplayed sexual and heartfelt energy about you guarantees a fun time.


All the more specifically: Venus in Aries, Mars in Aquarius: Your excitement about a relationship, to some degree at first, is vital. Since you are hopeful and have your eye on the future, you recuperate significantly more effective than a great many people from relationships that end. You are exploratory with regards to relationships—you don’t need to cling to any “rules” that society has set up for love and relating. Almost certainly, you see as the “cheerfully ever later” idea exaggerated in our general public, yet you are entirely equipped for hurling yourself entirely into a relationship. More touchy partners might feel you are altogether too moderate for their enjoying and could feel significantly undermined by an intermittent indifference that you show.


A few Famous People with this Combination: Eva Langoria, Pharrell Williams, Christ Martin, Robin Thicke, Sofia Coppola, Chris Farley, Akon, Matt Dillon, Chris Farley, Ted Kennedy, Susan Oliver, Pete Rose, Johann Strauss.


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