Senate Considering Climate and Energy Bill – Let Your Voice Be Heard

The 111th United States Congress continues the saga of recreating America’s great economy. While they meet, Senators will deliberate and argue over the particulars of climate and energy legislation.

Going green has indeed become a governmental priority. Two significant questions arise. Will individual voices from communities all over the U.S. make Senators aware of how they feel about the latest environmental bill? And, will people tell their hometown politicians what they need from this legislation? ifb senator wss 8 kg

Keeping these questions in mind, the transition to going green in the mainstream has come along at a significant time in U.S. history. We have seen the election of our first Afro-European American President as well as huge stumbles in our banking and housing industries; something new is afoot. Right now, as always, the timing is perfect for individuals to add their voice to the fray.

The current climate and energy bill to be discussed by the Senate was passed by the narrow margin of 219-212 in the House of Representatives on July 24, 2009. This is a signal that the governmental tipping point to reforming how we do business with respect to the environment is at hand.

However, Senators will have a lot on their minds after Labor Day. They will be hashing out sustainability laws with respect to climate and energy and be in the midst of tough negotiations for health care reform. Every politician will need to hear from their constituents to stay clear on what is important to the people.

For this, there are several organizations around the country dedicated to the green movement and ensuring that individual voices are supported and heard. One of those is Green For All ( http://www.greenforall.org ), whose purpose is to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. It is a national non-governmental organization (NGO) founded by Van Jones and currently lead by Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins.

Another organization, long-standing in its commitment to the environment and individual voice is Greenpeace. Under the “Take Action” section of their website  people can submit a story of how they are involved in the environmental movement. Greenpeace will forward the story along with a photo of the story’s author and a quick blurb from the organization to one of the writer’s Congressional Representative.

Our Senators are in position to make monumental strides towards a sustainable planet. Let the people guide them on this important part of our journey towards going green!

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